Apr 24 2019The cashew is technically not a nut it is a seed harvested from the cashew apple the fruit produced by cashew trees Unlike many other nuts and seeds the cashew grows outside the fruit instead of inside within a kidney-shaped drupe that hangs at the end of the cashew apple's base Apr 23 2020Cashew nut farming and processing is an area of business with huge potentials Although this is the case knowing how to start has been a challenge In a bid to establish your business several factors need to be considered Hence for meaningful progress the business plan is indispensable As the name suggests this is the guiding light of

How to Start Cashew Farming for Beginners

In cashew two different types of propagations are possible – seed and vegetative Different types of vegetative propagations are air-layering veneer grafting epicotyl grafting softwood grafting and in situ grafting However the softwood grafting has become the most successful and widely-adopted method

Cashew Farming Guide 4 comments 6 076 views Nuts are a good source or minerals and proteins Aside there from nuts are patronized because of their juicy and milky taste Nut farming has long been commercially introduced Facebook Tweet Google Share LinkedIn Pinterest Email To this date many countries all around the globe are engaged

Cashew nut is one of the important nuts grown in the world and ranked first Among various nuts such as hazelnuts almonds etc cashew nut enjoys an unenviable position and it is an unavoidable snack in all important social functions especially in the western countries 2 Scope for Cashew Cultivation and its National Importance

Cashew nut farming in Nigeria offers many opportunities and possibilities for anyone who ventures into this very lucrative cash crop production business in Nigeria As a beginner in the cashew nut farming business there is a need for you to have a very good understanding of how the cashew nut farming industry in Nigeria works

Aug 02 2020The cashew seed is often considered a nut in the culinary sense this cashew nut is eaten on its own used in recipes or processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter Like the tree the nut is

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The import and export of cashew nuts are also a very interesting business plan because the consumption of cashews in the different parts of the world is noteworthy And that is why cashew farming is a booming business in India Cashew Farming or Commercial cultivation of cashews has been a significant part of farming in different states of India

Processing The objective of cashew processing is to extract the healthy tasty kernel from the raw nut in the shell Most modern factories are designed to obtain the maximum number of whole nuts and as much shell oil as possible Processing can be subdivided into a series of steps Drying Harvested nuts are dried in the sun for a few days

1 CASHEWNUT PROCESSING: The raw cashew nuts are procured from the local farmers and local market These cashew nuts are dried in the sun for a period of two days and are then stored in the gunny bags for processing throught the year The process of sun drying helps in removal of excess moisture thus resulting in longer storage

Cashew Nut Processing Business started in the late 60s which is became major producing crop after tea and coffee processed cashew nut are consumed directly or in various form of food Today We are going to share with you a Profitable Business Idea and that is Cashew Processing Business In India there are 8 States popular for the commercial cultivation of cashew

Jun 26 2017Cashew Anacardium occidentale is a resilient and fast-growing evergreen tree (which starts fruit bearing from 3-4 years) with a lot of economic potentials Cashew is a native of south Eastern Brazil but has spread to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world (i e Asia Africa and South America)

Apr 28 2020Cashew Nuts Processing Business: Raw cashew nut needs proper processing for human consumption There are several value-added food products you can produce from a cashew processing unit These are cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) dried and roasted cashew nut If you live in a cashew growing area then you can seriously consider this business

Cashew Nut Processing Business Plan in Nigeria This sample Cashew Nut Processing Business Plan in Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications Bank Loans Proposal writing Business Concept Note Competitions etc Cashew Nut Processing Business Plan is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to start and a business coach like Dayo

India accounts for 65 per cent of total cashew nut exports in the world and export cashew to more than 60 countries During 2013-14 India exported 1 13 620 MT of cashew nut valued at $825 89 million (Rs 4 955 crore) to various countries The country is hub for processing of cashew nut due to availability of skilled labour

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The import and export of cashew nuts are also a very interesting business plan because the consumption of cashews in the different parts of the world is noteworthy And that is why cashew farming is a booming business in India Cashew Farming or Commercial cultivation of cashews has been a significant part of farming in different states of India

1 2 2 Cashew nut shell liquid Cashew nut processing allows for the development of an important by-product which can increase its added value The liquid inside the shell (CNSL) represents 15 percent of the gross weight and has some attractive possible medicinal and industrial uses CNSL is one of the few natural resins that is highly heat

Processing Cashew Fruit (Drupes) into Kernels Generally the processing of raw cashew nuts into edible cashew kernel takes the following steps traditional method: roasting shelling drying peeling grading quality controls fumigation and packaging All these steps have to be conducted with care to obtain good quality and good grade kernels

21 The main cashew nut leading countries within the continent include Ivory Coast Gambia Ghana and Tanzania which currently ranks number four For his part Agriculture Minister Josephat Hasunga said that the ministry had already started to implement preliminary efforts for the full revival of cashew nut cultivation in Tanzania

Processed cashew nuts from the raw cashews are the famous dry fruits These are consumed directly or converted to a variety of products like salted cashew nuts Kaju Burfi cashew curries etc In India processing of cashew is a manual and highly labor-intensive process

The cashew nut is inside the funny looking kidney shaped shell that is attached to the bottom of the cashew apple Also inside that shell is a very nasty caustic liquid that causes severe burns so be careful when handling it More on processing and shelling cashews later

Harvesting and Cashew Nut Processing Harvest when cashew apples turn pink or red and cashew nut shells are gray After harvesting separate the cashew apple from the nut Cashew apple can be eaten raw or make juice of it Unshelled cashew nut can be stored up to 2 years

Jul 12 2018Cashew Nut Farming Project Report: CASHEW NUT FARMING PROJECT REPORT – INTRODUCTION Cashew is produced from a tropical evergreen tree which is native to north-eastern Brazil The tree is known to have existed since the 16 th century and was brought to India by the Portuguese It is now cultivated in 28 countries having tropical climate

The cashew apple is then separated from the nut dried juiced Unshelled nuts have a long shelf life and they attract premium price both locally and internationally Processing Cashew Nut You can separate and eat the cashew apple however you can't eat cashew nuts without processing them This is because the nuts have caustic liquid that burn

Cashew farming is a long-term project It is highly profitable provided you grow it properly with a right marketing plan In addition to that cashew plantation project demands an adequate amount of land for cultivation So if you have agricultural land and you want to go for a farming business then cashew farming is just perfect for you Basically cashew is an export-oriented crop

The cashew apple is pear-shaped 10-20 cm x 4-8 cm shiny red to yellow soft and juicy The seed is kidney-shaped with reddish-brown testa two large white cotyledons and a small embryo The kernel remaining after the removal of the testa is the cashew nut of commerce Cashew is one of the many fruit species in the Philippines that is gaining